Acting as a linking pin between India & the Netherlands

ASSOCHAM Netherlands act as a linking pin between India and Europe and in particularly between India and the Netherlands. It primarily does the following :

Entry into the Dutch and Indian Market

ASSOCHAM is the Knowledge chamber. It provides market, tax and regulatory insights for doing business in India and The Netherlands. With our extensive network in both the Netherlands and India, we serve as a key facilitator for Indian businesses who want to enter the Netherlands, and vice versa.

Promotion of International Trade

ASSOCHAM Netherlands helps in promotion of international trade through meetings with visiting foreign business delegations, participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions and business. ASSOCHAM strategically works with both governments on policy matters.

Provide Initial Handholding Services

ASSOCHAM provides initial handholding services to its members in setting up and provides overall framework of doing business in India and the Netherlands. ASSOCHAM connects companies with the network of specialists on both the sides.